Do I need my own board and wetsuit?

No, your own equipment is not necessary. There will be the option on every surf trip to pay for rentals.

How much does a trip cost?

A weekend away trip will usually cost around 80 euro if you don’t have your own equipment or your own transportation. It can be broken down into 30 euro for accommodation, 20 euro for weekend rentals, and 30 euro for transportation there and back.

How often are the trips?

Trips are every three weeks. Three of these trips per semester will be considered the club’s major trips – the ones with usually 40-80 people. Joining Surf Club will also allow you to be acquainted with our club’s surfers who go to catch waves every weekend.

Where do we go?

Our trips are mainly to the west coast with our favourite spots being Bundoran, Enniscrone and Lahinch. The club is always experimenting with new surf spots.

How do I join?

Membership fee is 15 euro which can be paid at the surf fresher’s stand during freshers week or after fresher’s week by contacting

How do you know there will be waves on the trip?

To be honest, we don’t. Only Poseidon can guarantee you waves. That is why we often travel to the same places, because they consistently provide the most reliable surf.

No waves?

If we do get unlucky and the sea is flat, the club organizes many other fun outdoor activities such as stand up paddle boarding, hiking, and sight seeing. There will always be plenty to do on a surf trip.

Can I choose to stay in a house with my friends?

Of course we will do the best we can to put you with your mates, but part of the culture of the club is to embrace meeting new people and making new friends and we hope our members embrace it.

I have another question

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